Tusa Liberator/RS460 Set
16th January 2017
Tusa X-Wing/Mares Rover 15X Set
16th January 2017

Tusa Jasmine/RS460 Set

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Tusa Jasmine BCD

Tusa RS460 Regulator

Tusa SS60 Octopus

Combo 2

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Tusa Jasmine BCD (XS, S, M, L )

TUSA’s Jasmine, BC-0401, is the new secret to staying comfortable and stylish underwater. Tailored with women in mind, Jasmine is a wrap-around style BC that hugs and supports in all the right places. Extra-plush padding on the shoulder straps and back pad offer more support and cushion than ever before. Jasmine’s sturdy and reassuring back plate will prevent an uncomfortable tank situation. Once you try TUSA’s Jasmine, BC-0401, you will never go back to your old BC again.

Tusa RS460 Din Regulator

The R-400 First stage features a balanced diaphragm system and upgraded HP poppet assembly for enhanced reliability. This balanced diaphragm system maintains minimum variation in intermediate pressure in relation to changes in residual tank pressure. The first stage features two high flow low-pressure ports to optimize second stage performance for easier breathing.

The S-60 second stage features a diver adjustable sensitivity control to deliver air smoothly with each breath. The exhaust valve features a large and flexible design for extremely low exhaust resistance.

Balanced diaphragm type first stage (R-400):
Upgraded with a new poppet assembly for 2008-09, the balanced diaphragm system features a minimum variation in intermediate pressure in the relation to changes in residual tank pressure. The diaphragm first stage also offers excellent performance in all water conditions due to its sealed design.

High flow low pressure ports:
Two high flow ports are engineered for the smoothest air delivery possible to the primary second stage and octopus at all tank pressures.

Cold water insulation system:
The R-400 first stage features a special coating on the main spring to ensure that the regulator performs in all diving conditions. Available in Yoke or 300 bar DIN:
The first stage can be converted from a yoke connection to a 300 bar DIN connection.

Adjustable surface or diving sensitivity control:
The “Surface” or “Dive” control allows the user to set the ease of breathing for varying sections of the dive. The surface position decreases the likelihood of a free flow and also is recommended for cold water diving. In the dive position the control allows the regulator to power assist the diver as they breathe using the venturi effect.

Tusa SS60 Octopus

The SS-60 safe-second shares the same features as the S-60 but with a high visibility yellow purge cover and 39″/99cm long yellow hose.

Mares Mission 2 (Combo 2)

Pressure gauge:

  • Brass case
  • Technopolymer window
  • Phosphorescent dial face

Depth gauge:

  • Oil bath
  • Phosphorescent dial face
  • Max depth indicator
  • Linear scale


  • Protective rubber cover with multiple attachment points

BCD & Regulator Scubakous

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XS, S, M, L


DIN (Recomended), Yoke