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26th June 2017
Scubapro Hydros Thigh Pocket
27th June 2017

Scubapro Blow Gun

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Scubapro Blow Gun


The Scubapro Blow Gun can be used for drying equipment, removing sand, cleaning threads and grooves, and even inflating a flat tire or an inflatable boat.

The Scubapro Blow Gun can be connected to standard low pressure inflator or dry suit hose via LP hose quick coupling.
The bend in the nose of the rubber body helps to get an easily-controlled LP jet of air into those hard to reach places.
(not compatable with Buddy BC inflator hoses)


  • Flexi and direct-able nozzle.


  • Length x 9cm.
  • Black rubber flexible nozzle.
  • LP Max 12 Bar -174psi.