Mares XR – CR 2nd Stage Set
15th January 2017
Mares XR – Tank Bands Set
15th January 2017

Mares XR – 25X 1st Stage

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25x 1st Stage

The Mares XR 25X 1st Stage is a 1st stage with single sided ports for sidemount stages with optimum hose routing. Ports on one side of the 1st stage allow you to route all of your hoses downwards for a DIR setup. Extremely reliable the balanced diaphragm design is machined from a single piece of nickle-plated marine brass with an ACT Valve for enhanced lifespan.

The port configuration also works perfectly with deco stages so all the hoses route straight down the cylinder to reduce snagging or damaging hoses whilst leaving the valves clutter free for access.


  • One piece metal body
  • ACT Valve
  • Dry cold water kit
  • Trimix, Heliox, Helitrox
  • Intelligent Port Design


  • Nickel and chrome plated brass
  • balanced diaphragm mechanism
  • flow rate at end of 210cm/7ft long low pressure hose (STp) 1200 l/min
  • Static ISP (0-300bar/4350psi supply pressure) 8,8-9,4 bar
  • Dynamic flow Control (DfC) Up to 9,9 bar / 144 psi
  • High pressure ports 1 (7/16″ UNF)
  • Low pressure ports 2 (3/8″ UNF)
  • of which DfC ports 1
  • Weight DIN: 758 g / 27 oz