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5th February 2018
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5th February 2018

Mares Carbon 52X

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The Mares Carbon 52x Regulator is a super lightweight regulator made from carbon fibre that is perfect for any type of diving. Lightweight and packed with features the Carbon is at home both in warm and cold water and great for travel. Built to be prestigeous the Carbon not only looks good but out performs most 2nd stages thanks to its Carbon body with increased thermal conductivity.



Unlike traditional 2nd stage designs the airflow goes through a bypass tube as it enters the 2nd stage which delivers a warmer and smoother breathe. By creating a vortex in the airflow the 2nd stage prevents fluttering as you inhale which creates a smooth breathe while still being sensitive. The bypass tube also exposes the cold gas to the warmer water as it passes through, giving it a chance to warm up befor it gets to you.



Dynamic Flow Control maximises gas delivery so the regulator will always deliver as much air as you need. By reducing the pressure drop during the inhalation phase the 52X prevents fluttering for a really smooth breathe from the 1st stage.


  • Carbon technology is lightweight and prevents dry mouth effect when breathing in
  • Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) guarantees a stable flow of air at all depths by minimising the pressure drop
  • Natural Convection Channel (NCC) increases performance in cold water
  • Tri Material Valve provides a perfect seal for reliability and a higher level of safety under any conditions
  • Vortex assisted design (VAD) – reduces the effort needed to inhale so you breathe easier
  • Mesh grid prevents free flow in strong currents
  • Fluid dynamic deflector allows effortless breathing as airflow is properly directed from the bypass tube to the mouthpiece
  • Superflex hose is lightweight and allows total freedom of movement


  • First stage weight : International A Clamp – 687g, DIN 300 bar – 513g
  • Second stage weight : 197g
  • Total weight including hose : International A Clamp – 962g, DIN 300 bar – 859g


Product Comparison Features

  • Adjustable Inhalation: No
  • Adjustable Venturi: No
  • Cold Water Rated: Cold & Warm Water
  • Environmentally sealed: No
  • First Stage: Balanced
  • High Pressure Ports: 2
  • Low Pressure Ports: 4
  • Second Stage: Balanced
  • Type: Diaphragm
  • Weight in Grams (approx): 859